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Team building Potential in Goa: The Roque Quadros Experience


Nestled along the Arabian Sea, Goa is not just a premier destination for tourists seeking sun, sand, and sea but also a vibrant hub for corporate team-building retreats. With its scenic beauty and laid-back vibe, it offers the perfect backdrop for teams to unwind, bond, and evolve. At the heart of this transformative experience is Roque Quadros, a name synonymous with innovative and impactful team-building facilitation.

Who is Roque Quadros?

Roque Quadros stands out in the realm of team building and motivational speaking in Goa. With over three decades of expertise in event management and a profound background in martial arts, Roque has carved a niche in crafting team-building experiences that are both enriching and enjoyable. His unique approach, leveraging the principles of martial arts like discipline, focus, and respect, alongside traditional team-building exercises, sets him apart from others in the field.

Preferred Venues in Goa for Team Building

Goa boasts an array of venues that cater to various team-building activities, ranging from luxurious resorts to quaint beachside settings. Here are some venues where Roque Quadros has facilitated memorable team-building experiences:

  • North Goa’s Luxury Resorts: Ideal for indoor and high-end team-building activities, offering state-of-the-art facilities.
  • South Goa’s Serene Retreats: Perfect for teams looking for tranquility and a connection with nature.
  • Beachside Locations: Utilized for outdoor activities that combine fun with learning, these venues are spread across Goa’s coastline, offering breathtaking views and a refreshing ambiance.

What sets Roque Quadros apart as a team-building facilitator in Goa?

Customizable Programs: Understanding that each team has unique needs, Roque offers tailor-made programs designed to meet specific objectives, whether it’s enhancing communication, leadership skills, or problem-solving abilities.

  1. Martial Arts for Team Building: One of his signature approaches includes integrating martial arts-based exercises that not only focus on physical fitness but also instill values like respect, discipline, and self-confidence among team members.
  2. Comprehensive Experience: From the planning stage to execution, Roque provides a hassle-free experience. His programs are not just about activities; they are about creating an immersive experience that includes motivational speaking, fitness and wellness workshops, and a lot more.
  3. Certification from ROCKYS MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY: Participants in the fitness section receive a certificate of participation, adding value to the team-building activity by acknowledging individual effort and achievement.


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