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Heading to Goa to Celebrate a Milestone?

If you’re planning a special celebration in Goa and need a little something to make your party pop, Monochrome: The Party Store has got you covered! We specialize in creating Instagram-worthy backdrops with our stunning balloon decorations and themed setups.

Whether it’s an intimate celebration, a grand birthday bash, or a themed party, we have the perfect decorations to make your event unforgettable. Here are some of our top offerings:

Yacht Cabin Decoration Create a luxurious and festive atmosphere on your yacht with our elegant cabin decorations.

Superhero Themed Birthday Backdrop Give your little superhero a birthday they’ll never forget with our themed backdrops.

Proposal Backdrop Set the perfect romantic scene for your proposal with our beautiful backdrops.

Casino Themed Birthday Backdrop Bring the excitement of Vegas to your birthday party with our casino-themed decorations.

Candlelight Dinner Setup Make your dinner date extra special with our candlelight setups.

50th Birthday Balloons Installations Celebrate half a century in style with our elaborate balloon installations.

Christmas Decoration Transform your venue into a winter wonderland with our festive Christmas decorations.

Mermaid Themed Backdrop Make waves with our enchanting mermaid-themed backdrops for birthdays or themed parties.

Cabana and Table Decoration at a Restaurant Add a touch of elegance to your dining experience with our cabana and table decorations.

Groovy Disco Bachelorette Theme Backdrop Dance the night away with our retro disco-themed bachelorette party backdrops.

Entrance Arch Make a grand entrance with our stunning balloon arches.

Birthday Setup with a Sequin Wall & Neon Sign Combine glam and fun with our sequin walls and neon signs for an unforgettable birthday setup.

Bachelorette Ring Setup with a Custom Flex Print Celebrate the bride-to-be with our personalized bachelorette ring setups.

T Stand Backdrop with LED Cubes Light up your event with our T stand backdrops and LED cubes.

Half Balloon Ring with Floral Accents and Cubes Create a chic and stylish look with our half balloon rings adorned with floral accents.

10 Year School Reunion Backdrop Reconnect in style with our custom backdrops for school reunions.

Apartment Decoration for an Intimate Celebration Transform your apartment into a party paradise with our intimate decoration setups.

Full Balloon Ring with a Moustache Cutout and LED Lighting Add a playful touch to your party with our moustache-themed balloon rings.

Entrance Arch for a Bar Opening Party Welcome guests to your bar opening with our eye-catching entrance arches.

Bachelorette Backdrop Celebrate with flair using our creative bachelorette backdrops.

Pastel Pink & Mint Bachelorette Backdrop Go for a soft, elegant look with our pastel pink and mint-themed decorations.

Birthday Setup with Artificial Flowers, Pillar Candles and Glass Jars Add a touch of sophistication with our birthday setups featuring artificial flowers and candles.

Full Balloon Ring Classic and versatile, our full balloon rings suit any celebration.

Full Balloon Ring with a Rose Gold Sequin Wall Combine elegance and glamour with our rose gold sequin walls and balloon rings.

Helium Effect Balloons with Happy Birthday Foil Balloons and Foil Curtain Create a festive atmosphere with our helium balloons and foil curtains.

Teepee Tent with Fairy Lights, Glass Jars, and Pillar Candles Make your event magical with our teepee tent setups.

Half Balloon Ring + Half Artificial Greens, Easel Stand with a Custom Board, Cake Table, Glass Jars with Pillar Candles Perfect for a rustic and elegant look.

Bachelorette Backdrop with LED Cubes Brighten up the bachelorette party with our LED cube backdrops.

Helium Effect Balloons with Happy Birthday Foil Balloons Classic helium balloons with foil accents for a fun birthday setup.

Champagne Pop Balloon Installation with Easel Stand and a Custom Board Celebrate in style with our champagne pop balloon installations.

Need ideas to make your event even better? Or know what you want already? Follow us on Instagram to stay updated with our latest designs and inspirations.

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