Hard rock


Hard rock and heavy metal music. Discography: 1-CD -Condenado a vivir (Condemned to live) 2001 2-CD -Durmiendo en la cama de los vivos (Sleeping on the bed of the living) 2003 3-CD -En alguna parte de este mundo...Volvere (In some where of this world...I will come back) 2006 4-CD+DVD -Vengador de perdedores (Avenger of loosers) 2009 5-CD -Marcado por la locura (Marked by madness) 2013 6-CD -La furia que hay en mi (the anger that is in me) 2019 2023 - At the moment working on seventh album -Enfrentando a un viejo rival (Facing an old rival) Also making new videos for this year and 2024 Influences are mostly hard rock and heavy metal from the 70s and 80s.