Solo pianist


PIANIST Experiences musical: Pianist entertainer at Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and keyboards with various bands of light music. Repertory: Italian songs, classical Neapolitan, soundtracks, international, jazz, blues and classical standards Teacher and concert player. Pianist and composer for various theatrical performances directed by the Mediterranean Arts Center (Rivello) from 2018 to 2022. Concerts with various associations and municipalities from 2018-2022. Pianist in Grand Hotel Pianeta Maratea Resort. Pianist in Hotel Club San Diego (Maratea). Pianist in Restaurant Hotel Le Arcate (Praia a Mare). Pianist in Hotel Villa del Mare and Hotel Santavenere (Maratea). Concerts at "Antonio Sarubbi "Musical Association (Brescia). Concert at Hotel Villa Del Mare (Maratea). Concert at Hotel Le Arcate (Praia a Mare). Concert at Mariposa (Praia a Mare). Concert at La Rondinella (Scalea). Concert at Wood lounge bar (Lauria). Concert at Gio's pub (Rivello). Concert at Divinoenoteca (Maratea). EDUCATION AND TRAINING BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN JAZZ PIANO Bachelor's degree in Jazz Piano achieved July 13, 2017 at the Music Conservatory "Gesualdo da Venosa" of Potenza, vote 105/110; - Diploma of upper secondary education obtained on July 12, 2008 at the Liceo "De Lorenzo" Scientific High School in Lagonegro, rating 83/100 BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN MUSIC JAZZ OTHER SECURITIES OF STUDY, CULTURAL AND PROFESSIONAL Masterclass 2012 with Maestro Enrico Pieranunzi at the Academy of Advanced Music Training in Verona; Masterclass 2014 - Musica Jazz - by Maestro Chris Collins at the "Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa" Music Conservatory; Masterclass 2015 "Master of yourself: the art of studying" by Maestro Federica Righini at the "Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa" Music Conservatory; Masterclass of Piano 2015 by M ° Nina Tichman at the "Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa" Music Conservatory; Piano Masterclass 2016 "Pietro De Maria" at the "Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa" Music Conservatory.