United Kingdom

About an award-winning Italian mentalist. Having performed all over the world for top corporate clients like Hilton, Qatar Airways, Amazon, BMW, Adobe, Pfizer (and many others) and high-profile personalities, it would be a highlight to have him performing to your event. His mentalism shows can be fully customised. He can translate your ideas into mind-blowing mentalism tricks and leave everybody wide-eyed with his bespoke performances and large-scale tricks. His show is guaranteed to be the perfect entertainment be it for a small gathering of 10 or a crowd of 10,000. he can also present up to 80 minutes of fascinating mental experiments with his show “IN MY MIND“. Combining memory techniques, psychological subtleties, and body language, the show is available in different formats, durations, and languages as per your needs. On top of that, he can offer a more personalised service with up to 121 individual mind-reading sessions. His performances are an experience not to be missed.