Initially formed in 2019 in Indonesian, The Band is for wedding gigs and regular cafes and local events. In 2020-2021 the band went on hiatus and there was a change of personnel, resulting in the formation of the current members, consisting of Icha Razzaq (Vocals), Oktavian Aditya (Guitar), Seftian (Bass), Yosef (Drum) and Erik Chandra (keyboard and synth). This new member is a session player musician who was combined because there is one thing in common, they want to find experience and income as a ship musician or longtrip outside country, so they start practicing their repertoire of songs and because they have often played but have different band names The Band plays all genres such as pop music, rock music, jazz music, funk music which is usually played by the top 40 in that genre. And usually it depends on the client's request, and from experience, we bring a lot of top70s to top2000 songs from various genres and bands.