Party rock cover band


Forget the concept of cover band as you've always known it. Forget the imitations, forget the packaged sketches and medleys whose end is recognized from the first note. The Mister X's after more than two decades of activity, more than 2500 concerts, thousands of kilometers covered in all, are back Italy (and beyond)... here they are again on stage, with a mammoth amount of energy. Four musicians, with a background of great depth and professionalism, will amaze you with a show absolutely original, also renewed in the line-up: the new entries Perry Lucas (vocals) and Nicola Mazzucconi (bass) joins the two founding members Lele Gurrado (drums) and Andrea Rossi (guitar). Each of them loves music and experiences it as a primary dimension, in their work, but above all as a great one passion. What are the songs that you think a rock band cover can offer you? Well, make a local mind, then reset all expectations. There is nothing predictable in the Mister X setlist, nothing pre-packaged, but a show with a very fast pace, which ranges in a selected repertoire of alternative / rock hits international. From the sounds of Rage Against The Machine, to the more british rock ones of Blur, moving on to the classic gods Queen & AC/DC, even reaching the techno rock of Prodigy and Fatboy Slim... And again Beastie Boys, Franz Ferdinand, White Stripes, Run Dmc, Asian Dub Foundation, Red Hot Chili Peppers... All arranged with innovation and professionalism, seasoned by the unprecedented interpretation of four real musicians, who after over twenty years of experience, they keep the rarest gift: the enthusiasm for music! BIOGRAPHY Andrea Rossi, guitarist from a very young age, among his experiences can mention that of demonstrator for Yamaha Musica Italia together with Nicola Fasani and Cristian Meyer (Elio and Le Storie Tese), collaborations with artists of the caliber of the brothers Gregg & Matt Bissonette, of Oliviero Malaspina, Roberto Aglieri, Guido Mazzon, Umberto Petrin, Roberto Cacciapaglia and many others. In 1995, he founded the "Tutti Contro" and set the Guinness record for the longest song of the world, ousting the previous one by Elio E Le Storie Tese, and bringing the new record to 15 hours. A full-bodied discography with 5 solo albums, prestigious awards and the foundation of the "Solo Musica" school, where he currently teaches, complete an absolutely unique professional and artistic career. In 2010 he was chosen as a soloist in the inauguration of the Ferrari park in Abu Dhabi. It was the 1997 is the year of the beginning of the great adventure with Mister X, which leads him to play in the best Italian clubs. With him, since then Lele Gurrado: for him, music is a lifestyle choice. After graduating from the CPM in Milan and having lived several years as a professional musician in 1997 he chooses to start a project that will lead him to work closely with the live dimension. In fact, he is the founder of Mister X Service, a leading company in the entertainment sector, for the production of concerts and events. In parallel he becomes a member of the Live Club of Trezzo sull'Adda (MI), the number one venue in Italy for live music. There passion for drums and rock, on the other hand, accompany him from the first moan. Perry Lucas, began studying drums and piano at the age of 12, as a self-taught he experienced his desire to play electric guitar and bass. From the age of 16 she discovers his voice and decides to start her career as a singer. In 2009 he participates in X-Factor Italia with his band. She has been a singing teacher since 2012. Strengthened by experience matured in her stay in the UK, she performs as a singer & instrumentalist in various projects on the circuit Italian music. The adventure with Mister X began in 2015. Alongside him, a new arrival enriches the fabric sound of the band: Nicola "Nik" Mazzucconi born in 1976 approaches music at the age of 6 playing the trumpet influenced by his jazz father. Thanks to the family of musicians, he is fascinated by various musical genres (rock/jazz/blues/heavymetal/funk) who initiate him on bass and guitar towards the end of the 80s. It boasts numerous live and studio collaborations with many artists, among which the names stand out: Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd, Vanilla Fudge, Jeff Beck, Cactus), Ellade Bandini, Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto) and many others.