Disc Jockey (Dj)

South Africa

Music has always been part of Glan’s life from an early age on. Rooted with a vinyl music collection from his dad paved a way that encapsulate thousands of people. Knowing the world is a stage, Glan is always at the forefront of technology and keeping abreast with the latest music covering most of the genres. He firmly believes that musically educating, keeping a crowd happy and breaking new ground with the masses can only be beneficial to everyone that likes entertainment. His passion for music shines through every Dj set he plays that is always well prepared. With experience stretching from the vinyl era he is sure to captivate every crowd. Being able to be a good crowd reader he knows exactly how to create an atmosphere to set the right mood and ambiance with his music. His vast knowledge of sound and engineering makes him suitable for any direction in the industry from setting up a sound system to engineering a front of house set-up. Being flexible in the industry helps a lot when one needs to trouble shoot problems. Radio presenting, playing in foreign countries all contributed to his experience and elevated his profile.