AMAZING SIDNEY A musician from Mombasa Kenya East Africa, married, social , well disciplined and neat. Being Corona virus vaccinated, Can work with anyone anywhere regardless of race and creed. Amazing Sidney is a multi - instrumentalist Very well experienced with a wide repertoire , specialized in cocktails, Brunch - lunch / dinner dance music, parties etc etc,.. Entertains by playing a variety of styles including ;- the 60’s , 70’s, 80’s & up to date . All international from Evergreens Jazz sentimental, Rhythm & Blues plus African local hits only to mention only but a few . Plays the B-flat Saxophone { Tenor } with background music accompanying then later on lovely singing while on the keyboards. Has staged performances in a variety of hotels venues in the East African countries , the middle East, & in a cruise ship too. My rates are friendly & negotiable depending on the contract available .